Monday, 10 October 2011


In what he has referred to as one of his most technically challenging shoots to date, the master visual mind that is Jon Yeo has been hard at work on these incredible new promos for Sky 3D, entitled DNA.

Sky 3D is Europe's first in-home 3D channel; it was launched on October 1st 2010, and Jon's gorgeous spots were created to celebrate its 1 year anniversary. Bursts of vibrant, colourful powders were used to illustrate the channel's DNA, creating a striking illusion of spatial depth, which is delivered by 3D television.

Says the man himself: "We decided to shoot the action for real, rather than generating the material and behaviours digitally. Capturing the events on camera was the challenge. Custom rigs were constructed to put the powder through physical stresses."

"These events were captured in extreme slow motion on a pair fo Phantom cameras. Sequences were shot at upwards of 5,000 frames per second, or 200 times slower than real time."

We think the result is absolutely stunning and feels effortless. Nice work, Jon! Click here for more information on the shoot, full credits + many more behind-the-scenes pics.

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