Monday, 31 October 2011


Last week, the HOME.corp team went on a cinema outing to see We Need To Talk About Kevin at the Curzon is Soho. None of us had read Lionel Shriver's book (Katy tried but gave up), but we'd been told to expect a fairly hard-hitting affair. 

Whilst we all agreed that Brit filmmaker Lynne Ramsay did an excellent job of adapting such a poignant & difficult story (which put most of us off ever having children), the direction felt a little contrived at times; needlessly concerning itself with an overly-studied aesthetic (see picture above) and a sometimes painfully staggered narrative flow. 

None the less, it was very much worth seeing; if anything for Tilda Swinton's performance, which was, as ever, captivating. Check out the trailer below.

Friday, 28 October 2011


Celebrity portraiture is nothing new, and yet the difference between a generic press shot and an intimate moment-in-time meticulously captured separates the jobbing snappers from the true talents out there. 

Cue Mark Abrahams, who's worked with Vogue, L'Uomo & GQ for many years, and whose self-titled book of A-list portraits demonstrates a purity to his lens that simply works. Check out some excerpts above & below, and get the book here.


Have a look at this nifty little film put together by the good people at Microsoft. They've created a vision of our future in terms of technology & productivity, which predicts the use of holographic touchscreens and auto-translating spectacles, as just a few of the ways in which we'll stay seamlessly connected in years to come... Click here for more info.


Perfume ads have certainly come a long way over the past thirty years. Here's a few of our favourite old-school spots that we've managed to track down on YouTube.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Click here to find out.


Major music vid crush today courtesy of Norwegian electro-poppers Casiokids and their excellent new single, Det Haster! 

The weird, wonderful & fairly disturbing promo was directed by Kristoffer Borgli. Get their impossible to pronounce but brilliant new album Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen (pictured above) here.


This tax disc holder really made us lol.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


We are loving these incredible - and seriously creepy - carved pumpkins by artist Ray Villafane, even if they are sure to put our best Halloween efforts to shame.


Check out this insightful video from Supervising Sound Editor Lon Bender, as he talks about his work on director Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, starring Ryan Gosling. Great stuff.


Fans of Back To The Future 2 (the one where they actually go to the future) have been holding out for the ascention of hoverboards for over twenty years, and it looks like they have finally arrived! 

Researchers at the Universite Paris Diderot in France achieved the impossible with a technology called quantum locking... We don't really understand how it works; something to do with a big magnetic superconductor mixed with liquid nitrogen - all we know is it looks very cool. Check it out in action below and click here for the science bit.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


This ought to get you in the mood for this weekend's spooky festivities. We've just stumbled across this eerie collection of antique photographs of Halloweens past. 

They're all dated between 1875 & 1955, and have been compiled into a book by Ossian Brown, entitled Haunted Air. The introduction is written by David Lynch, and the afterword by Geoff Cox. Check out some excerpts below, and get the book here.


Another music vid crush from Coldplay and their brand new single, Paradise. The promo was filmed in South Africa with director Mat Whitecross, and while the picture above is a bit of a reveal, it certainly brought a smile to our faces. Get the album here.


Brit artist Damien Hirst and Brit photographer Rankin have joined creative forces for a shiny new book & exhibition, both entitled Myths, Monsters and Legends.

Working with model Dani Smith, the work explores their mutual fascination with the ancient world, photographed from a contemporary perspective. Check out some excerpts from the book above & below, and make sure to visit the Annroy Gallery until November 5th 2011 for the full exhibition. 

Monday, 24 October 2011


Chinese artist Li Wei's work is renowned for its ambitious mixture of photography & performance, capturing his subjects in all manner of gravity-defying worlds.

This November, Wei's 11-year career gets the retrospective treatment at the famous Lucca Photo Fest in Italy. Check out some of our favourite shots above & below - pretty incredible, considering the only retouching that ever occurs is the photoshopping of a single wire per image.


Today's music vid crush comes from Will Young. We've always loved Will's videos; he seems to favour a filmic style, rich with quirky narratives & a very British sensibility. His latest is no exception, and it features lots of dogs doing tricks - what's there not to like?


Here's a little something weird for your Monday lunchtime. Zombie Boy, aka Rick Genest - whom we've written about several times before - is the subject of cosmetic brand Dermablend's new viral, promoting their professional coverage products. Check out their work in action:

They've also put together this great featurette, which takes you behind-the-scenes on the shoot at the Tuxedo Agency in Montreal. Click here for more info.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Oh look, it's a trailer from fancy fashion man Tom Ford's much hyped & much delayed, fly-on-the-wall documentary:

We first told you about the project yonks ago, and now it looks like the film is set to debut on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network on October 23rd. Have a look at some more exclusive snippets below, if you like.


Today's music vid crush comes from Barbadian popstress Rihanna and her new single with Calvin Harris, We Found Love, in which she gets up to all manner of mischief, including running around topless in a Northern Irish field.

And if our discerning ears aren't mistaken, that'll be the voice of supermodel Agyness Deyn narating the opening sequence...


Lovely magazine Dazed & Confused is celebrating its 20th birthday by compiling a book of their favouritest photo shoots and creative collaborations. 

Entitled Making It Up As We Go Along, the book is edited by founders Jefferson Hack and Rankin, and features quotes, interviews + anecdotes from all the covers stars, stylists, designers, photographers, artists & musicians who helped shaped what the mag is today. 

Check out some excerpts from the book below, and buy it here.