Monday, 1 August 2011


It was on this day thirty years ago that MTV launched. The Guardian are celebrating the channel's 30th with a selection of its finest moments (head here to check out the full list), and here's 5 of our own personal favourites:

1. Launch day, with The Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star being the first ever video played on the channel.

2. Yo! MTV Raps. Rap & hip-hop gets its first mainstream tv show.

3. Celebrity Deathmatch. This hasn't aged particularly well, but still holds a special place in our hearts.

4. MTV Unplugged brought us some of the finest acoustic performances from artists such as Lauryn Hill & George Michael. Nirvana's, however, is the one that wil stick in anyone's mind as the ultimate Unplugged.

5. Madonna & Britney kiss. This got far more attention than it deserved, but it undeniably stands out as a memorable MTV moment. Here's Madge doing what she does best. 

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