Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Last week, the HOME.corp team paid a visit to the Fight for Peace academy in North Woolwich, East London. Our Managing Director Emily Bliss first met FFP founder Luke Dowdney over the summer this year and was hugely inspired by the achievements and limitless ambition of his entire team. The more we found out about LUTA as a social enterprise that not only manufactures high quality fight and training wear, but also shares its profits with Fight for Peace, the clearer it became that we simply had to be involved.

Our expertise and contacts within the marketing and advertising world are currently being put to very good use, and we couldn't be more exited to see just how far the LUTA brand will go within the next few months. In the meantime, we were keen to get a deeper understanding of just how Fight for Peace functions, and so we headed to the academy for a closer look.

We met with some incredible young people who talked us through their journey with FFP, the project's ethos and how it's affected their lives. The impact is clear, and seeing their work in action genuinely helped put into focus just how positive and widespread FFP's reach is within communities that suffer from crime and violence. Through boxing, martial arts, education and a strong system of mentoring from the young people themselves, there's an undeniable sense that Fight for Peace has a first-hand understanding of its community's needs, both in London and Rio de Janeiro.

We got to witness a Muay Thai training session led by the much respected Daniel Sams, first hand, which is an experience we're not likely to forget. The focus and energy at work is impressive, and the discipline required to channel all of that energy into a constructive and empowering outlet is truly inspiring. In turn, we left the academy with an even more focussed and determined mindset with which to serve the LUTA brand. Watch this space.

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