Monday, 16 May 2011


The Cannes Film Festival is rolling on as it usually does, with screenings and parties being attended & later reviewed all over the web. One film has caught our attention though, or perhaps even more so its mercurial reception from the press. We are of course talking about Terrence Malick's 4-years in the making, 1-year delayed, epic, prehistoric & cosmic vision, The Tree of Life. Let's have a look at the trailer.

The film was screened this morning, and saw the Cannes audience hooting and booing as the end credits rolled. Early echoes suggest the plot's overly-ambitious goal is grossly mishandled, littered with more inevitable cliches than genuinely meaningful moments. 

However The Guardian's Xan Brooks described it as "extraordinary; a high-minded, unashamedly serious picture about the infinite and the finite." Peter Bradshaw gave it a full 5-star review, praising Malick's "mad and magnificent" effort... We're guessing Fox Searchlight is banking on punters making up their minds by seeing the film for themselves.

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