Tuesday, 17 May 2011


It's time to introduce you to another member of our lovely team. Step forward, Si Elborne!

Name Si Elborne
Job Title The other half of the New Business & Marketing HOME.corp duet.... harmony (Simon shares the roles with Flavia)
Where are you from? London
Where do you live? Chelsea

How long have you been a Home Boy? The best part of 4 months
What is your favourite Home Corp ad/video/short? Stacy Peralta's Riding Giants - cool personified
What are you currently working on? Doing everything in my power to help HOME.corp towards stratospheric acclaim, and graduating from the APA Masterclass on the side

Favourite film? Withnail & I is my all time favourite, and Into The Wild stands out as a recent epic; I love what Sean Penn does cinematically
Last book you read? My Uncle Oswald by Roald Dahl... a filthy, hilarious & sybaritic jaunt
Last gig you saw? Charlie Simpson live at the Tabernacle theatre

Favourite bar in London? The Ship in Wandsworth is a riverside riot when the sun is out
Favourite restaurant in London? La Poule au Pot... traditional French deliciousness; not an indulgence to often recommend - for health reasons only
Which London shops do you rely on? I'm big on online shopping, but Waitrose keeps me fed

What are your home comforts? Marmite on brown toast and a cup of Yorkshire tea
What was your last extravagance? Flights to Naples in July... wowsers, let's hope there's still some left to make the week there at least a little extravagant
Your life philosophy? "One world... a million parties" (saw it on the back of a can of Silly String once, genius advertising!)

What do you love about being a Home Boy? Absolutely everything... the team, being mentored by the best, looking after our fabulous directors... and Gizmo brings me endless wisdom and affection

Thanks Si! Here's a bit of Withnail & I

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