Monday, 20 June 2011


Let's start the week with frankly the most original music video we've seen in... years? It was  directed by Andre Durand and Dan Huiting, and is for Bon Iver's new single, Calgary. Check it out below, then read a personal account from model & actress Raina Hein, who features in the vid.

"I flew home to Minneapolis a few months ago, then drove a couple hours to Eau Claire, Wisconsin where I filmed this music video. The cast and crew stayed at the beautiful home of Bon Iver lead singer Justin Vernon for the entire filming process for about 3 days . . . 3 VERY LONG (but fun) days.

90% of the video was shot in an old barn right next to the house.The most challenging part was the scene where I fall through the bed and into the pond. That water was FREEZING! But thanks to my 10 years of playing volleyball and having to take ice baths on a regular basis, I hung in there and as always, never once complained. I believe we only had to do 4 takes, and there were giant space heaters blasting on me whenever the camera wasn't rolling. (I want to buy one for my house ;-)

Working with Bon Iver, and director Andre Durand, was an amazing experience. To be honest, it was probably one of the best experiences I've had yet."

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