Friday, 17 June 2011


Time to meet another member of our beautiful HOME.corp family!

Name Kim Jacobs
Job Title Director
Where are you from?
A small beach town about an hour's drive north of LA
Where do you live?
In Los Angeles by the ocean, but I left my heart in NY

How long have you been a Home Girl?
A little under a year
What is your all-time favourite HOME.corp film? 
I loved the Kate Moss 3D short
What are you currently working on?
Finishing a spot. Doing some rad animation for another spot. Bidding on tons of stuff. Trying to write a short personal piece. Wanting stars to align for a feature film that I'm dying to do. Trying to disconnect for a vacay (it's been too long).

Favourite film?
Favourite last film I saw was True Grit; unfortunately on a plane - lame me that I didn't see it in a theatre but I will, it was a true work of art.
Last book you read?
The Drop Edge of Yonder by Rudolph Wurlitzer; it's blowing my mind. I'm almost done and anxious to crack Keith Richards' Life on the plane in a few days.

Favourite bar in London?
Loved Claridge's last time I was there. I love going high and low-fi.
Favourite restaurant in London? 
Wherever people take me
Which London shops do you rely on?
Dover Street Market has some nice things. Some of it's a bit too much though. I love Rose's Bakery too.

What are your home comforts?
Yummy linens, my espresso machine, my turntable
What was your last extravagance?
Business class tickets for the whole family. Whoa, that's expensive.
Your life philosophy? 
Trying to stay present and keeping my heart wherever my feet are standing.

What do you love about being a Home Girl?
The people... the people... it's all about the people.

Thanks, Kim! Check out Kim's recent ad for Visa:

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