Friday, 10 June 2011


Guy Laliberte doesn't lack ambition. The famous Canadian performer went from fire-breathing for loose change on the streets of Montreal to founding and owning the venerable Cirque Du Soleil franchise. In 2009, Cirque celebrated its 25th anniversary, but rather than celebrate with a bottle of champagne, now-billionaire Laliberte decided to treat himself to a $35 million ticket to Space.

Following six months of intensive training in Russia, Laliberte (pictured above) boarded the Soyuz shuttle for 11 days in outer space. Armed with his Nikon D3S & D3x cameras, he returned with thousands of stunning pictures, 100 of which have now been assembled into a new book, entitled Gaia. Here's a little preview of what we look like from 220 miles above the ground.

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