Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Movement & sound-responsive projections are all the rage these days, and we very much approve. You already know about our very own Tomas Leach's work with Maroon 5, where the band interacted with a 3D wall on which fans could share thoughts & contribute as Adam Levine & co recorded a new song.

We also told you about Beyonce's recent mind-blowing performance at the Billboard awards, where she danced and manipulated a projection live on stage. (Kylie's recent video for Get Outta My Way also features the technology, check it out here).

And now the latest clever clogs impressing us with groundbreaking interactive visuals is Melbourne-based contemporary dance troupe, Chunky Move. Portraying an ever-shifting, shimmering world in which the limits of the human body are an illusion, their piece Mortal Engine is something to behold. 

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