Thursday, 10 March 2011


Maroon 5 are teaming up with Coca-Cola for a 24HR Session, where fans from all over the globe will be able to witness and participate as the band compose a new song. 

Hellicar & Lewis will be fitting a recording studio with cutting edge technology, which will allow the band to communicate with fans via a movement-based projection system that will stream the viewers' comments and feedback onto the studio walls.

Our very own Tomas Leach will be there to capture it all, and here's what he has to say: "Hellicar and Lewis are two exceptionally talented people, so it was great that they asked me to get involved. The project is really exciting, not least because nobody is 100% sure what exactly is going to happen. With the hourly films that I'll be making for them, I'm going to try and capture some of the energy, spontaneity and creativity that will be crackling through the whole 24 hours. "

The event will be streamed live at on the 22nd March (we'll remind you on the day). Definitely one to not miss.

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