Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Sundance came to an end on Sunday, and huge congratulations are in order for all the Grand Jury prize winners. Click here for a breakdown of all the victorious films & docs.

The Home Corp team was of course in attendance, and we caught up with our Head of New Business, Alex Grossman (top-right), for his personal highlights: "We saw tons of films, but Abraxas by Japanese director Naoki Kato really struck a chord. It's a subtle and beautifully measured exploration of a man's journey in reconciling the spiritual and secular. 

Another highlight was Jarreth Merz's An African Election. It's a brilliant documentary about Ghana's 2008 presidential elections - it highlights a veritable beacon of hope for Africa and the infinite value of democracy. We loved being in Utah for the festival, and will definitely be back next year."

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